Album Review: John Deery and the Heads- ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’

Permanent fixtures of the NI music scene since their inception in 2010, John Deery and the Heads have become craftsmen of the perfect anthemic folk song. Instantly creating a buzz amongst the Irish gigging scene with their debut album Smoke and Mirrors, they have continued to generate the same thrill over the last seven years. Originally formed by lead singer John Deery who along with the addition of the Heads have accumulated a loyal legion of fans and supporters.


Successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year assisted the band in reaching their financial target to record their third studio album. The campaign saw over 100 people contribute to the creation of their latest album ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’. As a lovely gesture to fans that helped support their album, the artwork features the names of every Crowdfunding supporter.

The band’s third studio album ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’ is a wonderful journey through the bands eclectic influences which they seamlessly showcase on the ten tracks. Opening with their title track, the heartfelt lyrics supported by Deery’s gentle delivery and delicate drums makes it an impassioned and sentimental song. The high spirited anthem is accompanied by a swelling and uplifting chorus ensuring that you are left humming it days later. It is a beautiful opening track and helps to set the foundations for the rest of the album.

‘Just Kids’ is a wistful analogy on the passing of time with a yearning for everything to remain how it is. Leading the song in the shape of a poetic troubadour John Deery is a charismatic and charming front man. The insightful lyrics accompanied by soothing guitar chords make the song easy listening with undertones of a bittersweet sadness. The incredibly uplifting ‘Circles’ helps to showcase Deery’s rich vocals with gorgeous layered harmonies. It is a sophisticated song with twinkling guitar and the added instrumentation helps make it something special.

Closing their album with ‘Fall Apart (Moth into a Flame)’ it feels as though we have come full circle as the band offer us yet another consummately constructed folk song. There is strong consistency throughout the whole album with a variety of laid back and chilled out songs. ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’ is thoroughly enjoyable throughout and is the sort of record that before you realise it you’ve got to end becoming completely immersed from start to finish.


The bands revered stomping acoustic style and dedication to the local music scene has proved to be hugely influential and inspirational to a number of fans and critics. John Deery and the heads have managed to create a collection of songs that are both epic and intimate with personal lyrics and rousing instrumentation. With songs that are so raw and authentically fragile, ‘Nothing Permanent Lasts’ is a harmoniously and emotionally significant offering of an album.

Nothing Permanent Lasts’ will be officially released on the 30th of September 2017 with a launch event in the Nerve Centre, Derry.

Author: Aine Cronin-McCartney

Freelance Presenter BBC Introducing // New Music Journalist Blogger // Vlogger

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