Album Review: Susie Blue- Didn’t Mean to Care

Derry based band Susie Blue have released their highly anticipated album, ‘Didn’t Mean to Care’.  The album is a carefully crafted collection of songs which the band has been writing and playing over the past few years. The self- reflective title ‘Didn’t Mean to Care is an ode to lead singer Susan’s teenage years after coming out. Chronicling her past relationships, both bad and good, the ten tracks have come together to make a refreshingly pop centered album.

After an astonishingly successful 2017 with numerous festival appearances including Glastonbury, the quartet are on track to out-do themselves with the release of their debut album. Opening the album with ‘Lisbeth’ the song is a strong indie rock track with a certain gravitas in the lyrics as Susie sings ‘I’m not asking you to die for me, only asking if you would’. Anthemic in nature and sound ‘Lisbeth’ is sure to be a stand out song in the bands live set and is a compelling opening track. Followed by ‘She’s a Keeper’ the album moves seamlessly with Susan’s signature and tender vocal tone carrying the song to fruition.

May Ninth’ is an inspired alt-rock song with enthused and pulsating percussion keeping the vibe of the album upbeat. Having embodied the role of the angsty and troubled purveyors there is still feeling of hope throughout many of Susie Blues songs. Unafraid to put their own twist on songs or be unconventional ‘Doing My Head In’ is a bracing take on a usual love song.

Already showcasing the bands rockier side, we reach the midpoint of the album with two slower acoustic songs ‘Till You Started’ and ‘Trust Me’. The aching and hypnotic lyrics are expressed by Susan’s invigorated vocals and are a nice change of pace. The album’s title track ‘Didn’t Mean to Care’ begins cool and composed before building into a rousing and stirring chorus. The anguished lyrics which are a redeeming feature throughout are particularly poignant on this track as we hear the cry of ‘I don’t to live to keep on dying’.


The albums closing track ‘No Shade’ oozes pop rock melodies and is possibly my favourite on the record. An eclectic collection of songs, it is the bands passion and fervour that truly shines throughout. It is undeniable that Susie-Blue’s popularity is at its peak after securing necessary support through a successful GoFundme campaign. The band who have used their position to create a powerful dialogue with politically motivated tracks have created an important piece of music that will stand the test of time. The release of ‘Didn’t Mean to Care’ has helped to truly cement Susie Blue’s position throughout the UK and Irish music scene.

-Aine Cronin-McCartney

Author: Aine Cronin-McCartney

Freelance Presenter BBC Introducing // New Music Journalist Blogger // Vlogger

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